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Welcome to AGAP

“The spirit of this time has condemned us to haste. You have no more futurity and no more past if you serve the spirit of this time. . . . We bear the future and the past in the depths. The future is old and past is young. You serve the spirit of this time, and believe that you are able to escape the spirit of the depths. But the depths do not hesitate . . . and will force you into the mysteries . . .”

C.G. Jung

Who We Are

The Association of Graduates in Analytical Psychology (AGAP) is an  internatonal professional group of Jungian analysts, founded in 1954 by the first graduates of the C.G. Jung Institute Zürich. AGAP still upholds the founding purpose, which is to further and develop C.G. Jung’s Analytical Psychology and the professional interests of our members. The association’s legal domicile is the Canton of Zürich in Switzerland, and our official languages are English and German. The vast majority of our members are graduates of full-time, residency-based analytic training programs in Zürich—either at the C.G. Jung Institute, or at AGAP’s own International School of Analytical Psychology.

AGAP is a Group Member of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP), and is accredited by the IAAP as a training group. Graduates of all IAAP-accredited training groups may apply for AGAP membership, provided they meet the provisions set forth in our Constitution.

AGAP Analysts’ Home Countries

The Membership Today

Today, AGAP’s membership is comprised of nearly 400 analysts residing in some 30 different countries worldwide. Most of them are members of IAAP Groups in their home countries, as well. The AGAP Executive Committee publishes regular newsletters to keep the analysts in touch with one another, with happenings in Zürich, and with association news. Triennial events such as the AGAP General Assembly, the AGAP Forum, and the IAAP Congress offer opportunities for face-to-face business meetings, continuing education, and social activities.

In its nearly 70 years of existence, AGAP analysts have expanded and diversified the means by which our association realizes its founding purpose. More about us:

Zürichhorn, Seefeld

Upcoming Events

AGAP Forum, GA & 70th Anniversary • Sept. 4-9, 2024 • Details & Registration for Members in the AGAP Member Area

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Restaurant Fischerstube at Zürichhorn in Seefeld, Photo by Roland zh. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.